About the Distillation Experts Conclave

The Distillation Experts Conclave is organized by Three Ten Initiative Technologies LLP. The focus of the event is to bring together the global distillation expertise to the South Asian region, providing platforms for engineering personnel from across the chemical, petrochemical, refining, oil & gas, and pharma industries to interact and gain from collective experience. This is the second edition of the event, after the success of the first edition in 2018 at Mumbai. The conclave will henceforth be an annual feature.

Distillation Experts Conclave brings together all public-sector and private chemical, petrochemical, refining, oil & gas, and pharma plants, licensors, engineering companies, column internals manufacturers, control and instrumentation companies, testing agencies, and research groups. The conclave will focus on issues unique to the South Asian region broadly concerning process design, process optimization, operations, greenfield and brownfield projects, near misses, analytical methods, and failures and success of troubleshooting efforts.

Distillation Experts Conclave is designed to ensure a high level of technical exchange between participants. The importance of the conference stems from the fact that distillation is the most widely used industrial separation technology across a variety of manufacturing industries. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, distillation units consume a significant part of the energy, with some estimates pegging this at 50% of the total heating energy used in the process industries. Distillation as a separation method has been around for a very long time, and in some sense is also regarded as mature technology. However, 21st century demands to reduce capital costs, energy consumption, improve efficiency and margins, reduce operation and maintenance costs, means that there are many challenges that still remain to be addressed.

On the one hand we see increasing energy and material needs of a growing and aspirational South Asian population, while on the other hand there is an increased focus on reducing the environmental footprint of the manufacturing industry. This has led to a variety of developments including transition to ethanol blended fuel, integrating refining with petrochemicals, and tighter norms for waste disposal from pharmaceutical manufacturing. Therefore, it is quite clear that in the next several decades to come, distillation will remain the primary workhorse for separating mixtures. There is plenty of discussion and work still left to be done, and the conclave aims to be the largest specialized technical platform for distillation in South Asia – a region of the world that houses the bulk of the world’s manufacturing sites.